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Mini ITX Gaming PC Build for $600 – $650 in 2017

If you want a small gaming PC for around 600-650 dollars, this Mini ITX Gaming PC Build can be right for you. This small form factor PC can easily run most of 2016 – 2017 games with high settings at 1080p. In some games you need to only lower some of most demanding graphics features like antialiasing and you can achieve good framerates. If you go on around 600-650 dollar budget and prefer Intel rather than AMD, this is what you want. It’s similar performance to $600 Gaming PC Build with AMD processor, but i’ts smaller and uses newer generation hardware.

GTX 1060 – great graphics card for Mini ITX Gaming PC Build


For graphics card on this build I would choose EVGA Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 3 GB. GTX 1060 3 GB is great for 1080p gaming. This card also can handle even 1440p or 4K gaming if you lower the settings down. But for this budget I would prefer playing at 1080p and high details. This video card will satisfy all your needs, especially if you are novice gamer or you budget is tight. It’s small and will fit in this case.

If you don’t like something about this card, then great alternative would be AMD Radeon RX 480 4GB wich almost the same performance. RX 480 4GB have more memory, but it perform almost the same. If you choose a bigger graphics card, it may not wit in Mini-ITX case or be harder to install, check if it fits before change it.


Best processor for 600 - 650 dollarr pc build


Great choice for this Mini ITX Gaming PC Build – Intel Core I5-6400. It will handle GTX 1060 or similar Radeon video card with no problems. I5-6400 has 4 true cores will be faster than Core I3 or Pentium in cheaper builds. It consumes significantly less electricity than AMD FX 8350 8 Core CPU. It’s rated only 65W TDP versus AMD FX 8350 125W TDP. Its only 4 cores, it’s more expensive, but it will perform a little bit better than FX 8350 in games. Also I5 6400 is newer generation processor. It has better single thread performance than AMD, but FX 8350 will perform better on other tasks like video rendering. With this motherboard you can also get I5 6500 or I6600 or even Core I7 processor. You better use it with stock cooler, because other aftermarket coolers may not fit in this small case.


best motherboard for 600 dollar pc build MSI Intel LGA 1151 H110 DDR4


MSI H110I Pro motherboard will be great choice for the money, especially if you want to build a computer with small case. This motherboard has mini-ITX form factor and it will easily fit in small cases. It supports Intel 6th Generation processors like Celeron, Pentium, I3, I5 and even I7. You can go with I5 today and upgrade it to I7 later.

It’s small, but equipped with all standard features. Motherboard uses Intel H110 chipset. It has LGA1151 for CPU, 2 DDR4-2133 RAM slots, it supports even 16 GB DDR4 RAM modules (32GB max) and you can upgrade it in future, 1X PCI-E 3.0 X16 slot for graphic card, 4 SATA3 ports for your storage, it has Realtek gigabit ethernet controller. Other specification you can see on manufacturers page.

If you are on budget you can also find a cheaper motherboard for this processor, but you need to check if it has mini-ITX form factor, because bigger motherboards not fit in this case. Also check for other parts compatibility.



Ram for intel build 600 -650 8 gb kinston vengeance


1X Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB DDR4 RAM will be fine. It not run in dual channel mode, but if you decide to upgrade with 16 GB, you not need to throw away your old memory, like if you get 2 x 4GB modules. 8GB for this budget will be enough. Only some games takes advantage of 16 GB. This motherboard can handle up to two 16GB modules.

Power supply

Psu for mini itx gaming pc build evga 500w


With this EVGA 500 w power supply you will be fine.  This PSU has 80+ bronze standard ant it runs with over than 80% efficiency under typical loads. It has all power connectors you need to make this system. This computer uses less energy than $600 AMD build and can also get along with 400W PSU, but I recommend to go with slightly  powerful PSU’s than you really need, because it’s easier to upgrade your computer in future and also it may increase lifespan. Other PSU brands I can recommend: Corsair, Thermaltake, Chieftec and Cooler Master. There of course are more great power supply manufacturers, but please not go with cheap and unknown brand PSU’s, they may can’t do what they advertise.


1 TB HDD for gaming PC builds Seagate Barracuda


Best new HDD for price will be 1TB or bigger. If you think, 1TB is not enough for you needs, then you can get 2TB HDD for around $20-$30 more. If you not need that much space you also can get a smaller HDD and save couple of bucks. Samsung and Western Digital can be good alternatives for Seagate.

If you want SSD, then get a SSD. Additional 120GB SSD will cost around $50, bigger SSD  respectively more. SSD’s has significantly higher prices for the capacity, but they are much faster. I recommend get one SSD for operating system and mechanical hard disk drive for storage.



Cooler Master Elite Mini-ITX PC Case RC-110-KKN2


Mini-ITX Cooler Master Elite 110 case is cheap and small. It takes up a small space and it will be good if you have no much space on the desk or you live in small apartament. It has good price for budget Mini ITX Gaming PC Build.

Cooler Master Elite 110 case is compatible with Mini-ITX motherboards. Case supports standard size ATX power supplies up to 180mm long. It has mesh in front panel and it provides excellent front to back airflow. Case supports even a 120 mm water cooler system in the front if you need one. It fit up to 8.3″ (210  mm) long graphics cards. Cooler Master Elite 110 can store up to 3 HDDs/4 SSDs (HDD X3 or HDD X2 + SSD X2 or HDD X1 + SSD X3 or SSD X4).

Only drawbacks of this case is little harder to fit parts, because it’s small and there is no space for expansion cards. Can’t add second graphics card and other things like DVD drive. But if you need one, you can get a external USB DVD drive.

Good luck with your Mini ITX Gaming PC Build!

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