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Best Gaming PC Build Under $1100 in 2017 With Intel CPU

This is well balanced Gaming PC Build Under $1100 and have all components you need to satisfy your gaming needs in 2017. It will run all current most demanding games like DOOM, Hitman, Battlefield 1, Call OF Duty Infine Warfare, Rise Of Tomb Rider etc at very high settings with 1080p resolution with 60+ frames per second. Most of these games you can even play with 1440p or 4K resolution by lowering the settings with really good frame rates.

This build is equipped with 2 storage drives:  250 GB SSD for operating system and your most favorite games for fast loading times and 2 TB HDD for other things like pictures, videos and other games. It has Geforce GTX 1060 6GB graphics card and Intel Core i5 6600K processor for high performance. 16 GB RAM will be more than enough for today’s games. With Z170 chipset mother board you get fast, reliable performance and great features for overclocking and upgrades.

Best $1100 Gaming PC Build 2017 has Intel 6600K processor can run all modern titles with no problem. It’s unlocked. That means is overclockable, if you want to get full potential lout of it. For that you need to use a Z170 chipset motherboard.

Graphics card

asus geforce 1060 turbo for Gaming PC Build Under $1100


This ASUS Geforce GTX 1060 6GB graphics card will be great choice for this Gaming PC Build Under $1100. It will handle all games well at 1080p and 1440p resolutions. You can play most popular games at high settings with smooth framerates. Gaming experience will be great! If change some settings, you can even play on 4K.

You can also go for any other manufacturers GTX 1060 6GB. Even ASUS has other models of this card. All GTX 1060 GB will be almost same performance (+-5%). This GPU has reference blower type cooler. It’s louder, but blow all heat out directly from the back. This is good for other system components, because heat from GPU not go in case and warm other things. If you want a silent PC, better choose GTX 1060 6GB with 2 cooling fans.

Best alternative for GTX 1060 6GB will be RADEON RX480 8GB. It will perform almost the same. Also you can go witht AMS R 9 Fury X – it’s older, but also will be great, if you find a good price.

This processor can also handle GTX 1070. It delivers better performance, but costs more. If you want it, you can check other builds with GTX 1070.

Processor for gaming PC build under $1100

i5 6600k prcessor for Gaming PC Build Under $1100


Intel Core i5 6600K 3.50 GHz Quad Core Processor is great choice for gaming PC build under $1100. It even can handle  GTX 1070 graphic card. If you wan’t that you can check out 1200-1300 dollar builds. With this processor all today’s games will be really enjoyable. With this processor can even play many games with 4K resolution at good FPS.

“K” means processor is unlocked an can be overclocked to get maximum performance. To do it you need to spend som extra cash for advanced cooler. Motherboard in this build has great CPU overclocking features.

i5 6600K uses very little energy. It has only 65W TDP (Thermal Design Power –  represents the average power in watts processor uses when operating at base frequency). It is really valuable for low operating costs.

If you don’t plan to overclock your PC, you can also swap with I5 6600 (non “K” – with no overclocking function, but it’s cheaper). I5 6500 also will be enough for GTX 1060 6GB. But if you want a better CPU performance, you also can get a I7 processor like i7-6700K. This will increase costs and not be a best price/performance ratio.

Because this CPU comes with overclocking features, stock cooler is not included in the box. Stock coolers usually is enough for stock frequencies, but for overclocking, you need to get a advanced cooler.


cooler for 1100 dollar pc build for games


Enermax ETS-T40 fit series CPU cooler with 120 mm fan will be enough for stock CPU frequencies and moderate overcloking. This cooler comes with 4 different colors an you can choose other, if you like it better. Hyper 212 EVO can be great alternative for this if you can’t get this one.

If you want a better overclocking capability or more silent build, you can get a water cooling solution.

This overclockable processor comes with no cooler included, but if you decide to go with non “K”processor and not plan to overclock, then CPU may have stock cooler included and you dont need this. You need to check this in description.


Gaming PC Build Under $1100 motherboard z170


ASUS ATX DDR4 LGA 1151 Motherboard Z170-E – it’s not the cheap one. It has really great features like USB 3.1 and M.2 slot 4X (for really fast SSD). Board supports NVIDIA 2-Way SLI and AMD 2-Way CrossFireX technology. That means you can even use 2 graphics cards at the same time whatever you decide to go with AMD or Nvidia. I think better will be get a one good video card, than 2 cheap ones.

You can get also get 2-3 times cheaper motherboard for this processor, but I don’t recommend it. Cheap mother boards better use for low budget builds. They usually have lack of features and upgrade options and they are lower quality and more often have problems with them.


Gaming PC Build Under $1100 ram 16 gb ddr4


Kingston Technology HyperX Fury 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 2400MHz DRAM 16 GB will be enough for today’s needs. If you need PC only for gaming, today you can get even only 8 GB and add additional RAM latter, because most of the today’s games not use more than 8 GB. You see more performance with 16 GB RAM only with few games, when playing with high resolutions or multitasking (example: you can open many programs and game in same time). These are newest DDR4 type RAM sticks. RAM frequency is not so significant and gaming performance between 1600 MHZ  RAM and 2400 MHZ is minimal. But RAM with high frequency will be better with other tasks like video rendering.

You can get other manufacturer or frequency RAM sticks, but make sure they are compatible with your motherboard and processor. This motherboard support up to 64GB if you use four 16 GB modules. You can get even faster RAM up to DDR4 3466 MHZ, but that are not so significant for gaming, but can benefit in other things.


Power supply

corsair 650w psu for Gaming PC Build Under $1100



This Corsair 80+ Gold Certified 650 W PSU serve all your needs. It can be enough even you decide to upgrade and add a second GTX 1060 for better performance. Corsair 80+ Gold Certified PSU provides lower energy use. It not waste much energy in heat, because of that, cooling fan operates silent and you can better enjoy silent operation.

Because of cables are modular, you can use only that cables you need and get great looking PC build.

If you choose other PSU, please not go with smaller than 500W for this build. Do it only if you not plan to upgrade or overclock CPU and graphics card.


SSD for 1000$ PC build - SAMSUNG 850 evo


Samsung 850 EVO is great performance  SSD for your system. I choose 250 GB for this system, and adittional 2TB HDD, but you can get bigger SSD if you want or use only SSD if storage is not your preference. On this SSD you can put on operating system and some of your most played games and programs. Samsung SSD’s usually comes with 5 year warranty.

In this build I also include 1TB HDD for storage. If you preference speed, not storage capacity, then you can go with SSD only and get 500GB or 1 TB SSD.



Nothing beats HDD for price per capacity. I think 2 TB will be enough for this budget PC, but you can go with more if you need (it will cot more). Also you can upgrade with another drive later. If you don’t need so much space, you can also save couple of bucks, going with 1 TB hard disk drive.


Gaming PC Build Under $1100 case


In this case you can easily put in all components of this pc build. You also can get exactly the same black DEEPCOOL CASE, but it can cost maybe +-15 dollars more. If you want, you can search for other cases, but keep it mind: you need case for this build to support full size atx motherboard. You can’t fit in this motherboard in smaller cases. If you want a small case you need to check similar build with smaller case.

Want black one?


This gaming PC build under $1100 is more advanced build than budget builds. Great price per performance. It will satisfy all your gaming needs for this budget. It can be upgradable and overclockable to get better performance in future.

Prices vary in time, they can be lower and higher than $1100. Also it depends where you live and what parts you choose. This gaming PC build can even cost up to 1400 Eur in Europe. If you want to get it cheaper, you can go with non overclockable processor and less storage. You can save couple of dollars with less expensive case, if looking for performance not great looks.


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    1. Yes of course, it’s newer! But if you get it with this motherboard, you may need to update BIOS to make it work. If you are new in PC building, I recommend not do it.

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