Best Gaming PC builds Under $500

Best budget gaming PC build for $300-$350 in 2017

This budget gaming PC build for $300-$350 is one of the cheapest configurations to play almost any modern titles. With this computer build can play newest games up to 1080p or less with medium settings. If you play with smaller resolutions like 900p or 720p you can even play some games with high settings. This computer is great for absolute beginner in PC gaming or people which have no money to afford more expensive gaming machine, but still want to play games. This is better suited for gamers who want to play not so demanding games like Counter Strike Global Offensive, Overwatch or League of Legends‎. You can play these games with medium-high settings with good frame rates and enjoy online gaming without problems.

You can even play demanding games like DOOM 2016, Rise Of Tomb Raider and GTA 5 with medium settings or lower. Yes this computer will run GTA 5 with medium settings and around 40 frames per second.

This in my opinion is lowest budget computer, you want to get for gaming. There are possible cheaper new computer configurations than this, but they will not run most modern games or run t hem with not enjoyable settings and frame rates. I think not go below this. If you have time to search, you can find good deals and get this configuration even cheaper.

Graphics card

asus radeon rx460 budget gaming PC build for $300-$350


Asus Radeon RX460 2GB is great graphics card for the money. It can run most of the modern titles in medium settings at 1080p and even high settings if you play with smaller resolutions like 900p. Great choice for budget gaming PC build for $300-$350. At this time in market you can’t find good video cards for gaming cheaper than this. Any cheaper card will be with significantly lower performance and you not want that. Maybe in future appears some new models, but today better go with this.

Great alternatives for this card can  be Nvidia’s GTX GTX 950 or newer model GTX 1050. These cards are little bit more expensive, but with more performance in many games. Radeon RX460 also comes with 4GB memory, but this card 4GB version not perform significantly better than 2GB, but costs more. I suggest get RX460 4GB only if RX460 4GB costs same or less than RX460 2GB.

Update: Better get RX 560 instead, this is newer!


cpu for budget gaming PC build for $300-$350

Intel Pentium G3258 is great choice for beginner gamers. It can run most of modern titles smooth at medium settings. You can even overclock it to get better performance. For $300 budget PC build will be good choice.

But there also is a down side: It has only 2 threads. Because of that in some newest games can be stuttering or some textures appearing slower. For better performance you can check $500 build with newer generation processor.


msi motherboard for budget pc 350 dollar gaming pc build


Great motherboard for cheap gaming PC build: MSI H81M-E33. It has decent features for price. Motherboard uses Intel H81 Express Chipset. Board has LGA 1150 socket and if you want a better performance, you can even put in this board 4th generation Intel Core I3, I5 or I7 processor with LGA 1150 socket.

Motherboard supports 2x DDR3-1600, 1333 or 1066 RAM modules up to maximum capacity of 16 GB. It has one PCI-Express 2.0 16X slot for you graphic card (it’s older than 3.0, but new graphic cards should work fine with it) and one PCI-Express X1 slot if you need an expansion card, 4X SATA ports (2X SATA3 and 2X SATA2) for storage. Motherboard has 2X USB 3.0 and 8X USB 2.0 (4 rear, 4 via headers), PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports, VGA and HDMI port because of integrated Intel HD Graphics GPU (you can even us it and get RX460 or GTX1050 later, but is not meant for newest games), RJ45 port for internet connection and audio jacks.

With this you can even overclock your processor. May be BIOS update is needed first. But I suggest to not do it with cheap boards or you have you experience. Overclocking can get little better performance, but that can damage hardware or shorten lifespan of your system.


2x4gb ddr3 ram for bufdget pc build


Get 8 Gb RAM. It is essential for modern games. Please not go with 4 GB, but you can do it if you want. You can get a 1X 4 GB module and add additional 4GB latter. But then you can get a decrease in performance when you game with only 4 GB RAM and some more demanding games will not work. Also with only 4 GB, you will need more time to switch with other programs and computer will be slow when you try to open many programs in same time and start multitasking.

I recommend 8 GB also with more expensive builds. No more or less RAM is needed for today’s gaming, 8GB is best choice for most of budget builds. You can also go with one 8GB RAM stick if you decide to upgrade your RAM in future to 16 GB. But with this processor I think is not necessary. It’s only needed if you also upgrade processor.

Power supply

evga 400w psu for budget gaming PC build for $300-$350


For this 300 – 350 dollar PC build EVGA 400 W power supply more than enough. It’s great value for the money. Please not go with cheaper PSU’s. They can be low quality. If you want to upgrade your system, you can get EVGA 430 W power supply with 80+ bronze certification, it’s only couple of bucks more expensive. If you not plan to upgrade computer, then this power supply will be fine.


320 gb cheapest hdd

I you go for cheap, 320 GB is the cheapest HDD you can get. Its only around $20-$30. If you can afford it you can get 500 GB ($35-$45) or 1 TB (+-$50). Best option for loading speeds will be SSD, but they are not go for cheap. 250 GB costs at least $70. For budget build you may consider 120 GB SSD around $50, but it’s small and you will need additional HDD for space.

Why not use your old HDD? It’s can be great choice if you already have HDD from your old system. If that is the case, then you can keep it and not get HDD at all or get a 120 or 250 GB SSD.



cheap micro atx case for 300 dollar gaming pc build

This is Rosewill FBM-01 case. If you go for cheap you can economy on case. $30 case is more than enough for fit parts in. If you do research yourself, you can find other case even for $20. But be careful, because on cheap cases can be rough edges and you can hurt your fingers. You can go even with no case and fit all parts on the table or motherboard case, but be careful if you do it. Never do it I you have pets or small children in the house!!!

If you have a old PC, why not use the old case? Old case can save some money without a performance loss. Take out any old parts from your old computer and put the new parts in. You can even keep parts like old HDD or DVD-drive, of you need them.

I can also suggest alternate case: Rosewill SRM-01



This is great PC build for $300 – $350 budget. You can always change some of parts if you don’t like something about this build or your preference other manufacturers. Before get parts for PC build check compatibility. Prices change time by time and can be different, when you check them. Also new products comes out. I will update this build in time if I see something new in the market. You always can do your own research and find good deals and builds yourself. We hope you get good gaming PC and save your money!

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