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Best $700 Gaming PC Build 2017 – With Intel Processor

With best $700 Gaming PC Build 2017 you can play almost any demanding 2016-2017 games at HIGH* settings with 1080p resolution. Some less demanding and older games even at maxed out settings.

This PC build is similar performance to $600 AMD build, but it’s consumes less electricity because of I5 processor used. You can check that AMD build too. It’s cheaper, but it’s build with older parts and may not be upgradable so good in future.

Graphics Card

Best $700 Gaming PC Build 2017 graphics card radeon rx 480 4gb


Update: better go with RADEON RX580 if you can.


MSI GAMING Radeon RX 480 will be great for choice for best $700 Gaming PC Build 2017 with Intel processor. It supports AMD CrossFire technology and you can even put in this PC two RX 480 cards at the same time to get maximum performance in future. If you buy a new PC, better think about one more expensive card than two cheaper ones, because it will perform better and consumes less electricity. Radeon RX 480 is VR Ready. That means you can get virtual reality headset and dive into 360 degree experiences. It is fully compatible with DirectX 12. Because AMD has significantly improved the drivers since this card release in late 2016 summer, it performs even better than on the release date. 4GB memory will be enough for budget gaming PC build, but RX 480 you can find with 8 GB video memory too.

If you like, you can also go with GTX 1060 3GB. It is almost the same performance like AMD Radeon RX 480 4GB even only 3GB (it comes also with 6GB memory). But with this build, do it only if you not to plan to upgrade with second video card latter, because this motherboard (MSI B150 Gaming M3) only supports AMD CrossFire technology but not Nvidia SLI technology. That means you can put in this motherboard 2 Radeon graphics cards at the same, but not 2 GeForce graphics cards. One Nvida Geforce card should work fine.

If you want to save some money, you can get RX470 not RX480, but it will be slower.

May be other brand’s RX 480 are cheaper at the time you buy. They will perform almost the same (may be +-5 percent difference).

You also can check “Best $600 Gaming PC Build 2017 – With AMD Processor” which also uses AMD Radeon RX 480 4GB. This AMD build has almost the same performance in games, but it’s cheaper.

Update: better go with RADEON RX580 if you can.


Best $700 Gaming PC Build 2017 Processor intel i5 6500


Intel Core i5 6500 3.20 GHz Quad Core processor will be good for 700 dollar gaming PC build. It can handle RX 480 really well. It will work great with all 2017 games.

This CPU comes with stock cooler and you not need any third party cooler. Advanced coolers generally is needed, if you plan to overclock your CPU. Because this CPU is not overclockable, with stock cooler you will be fine. I you however want to get advanced cooler, you can do it. Advanced cooler can cool better and improve looks of the system. Bigger coolers will run more silent. But keep in mind, you can also get the cooler that no fit in the case hou chosen. Check it before get one. It has only 65 W TDP and it consumes less electricity than processor in $600 AMD build.


700 to 800 dollar gaming pc motherboard


MSI B150 Gaming M3 comes with great features and it’s not so expensive. It’s also not the cheapest one. It has many great features. Motherboard supports 2-Way AMD® CrossFire technology and that means you can even run two RX480 with this motherboard.  It uses Intel® B150 Express Chipset. Board also can be used with other Intel Socket LGA1151 processors like I3, I7, Pentium Celeron and other I5. If you want to change the CPU, please check compatibility in manufacturers (MSI) page.

Motherboard support 4 x DDR4 memory slots up to 64GB, but if you use this computer primary for games, that amount will not be needed. For this budget 8 GB will be fine. You can go with 16 GB, if you need. Because of free RAM slots, you can upgrade memory in future. This motherboard has built in onboard graphics. That means you can get it even without graphics card for use this computer only with lighter tasks like online browsing, office writing and some older games. MSI B150 Gaming M3 comes in ATX form factor. It has great storage features like M.2 (SATA mode only) and SATA Express 16Gb/s + SATA 6Gb/s and you can put in this motherboard really fast SSD’s.

Boards back panel ports: 1 x PS/2 mouse port, 1 x PS/2 keyboard port ,1 x LAN (RJ45) port, 4 x USB 3.1 Gen1 ports, 2 x USB 2.0 ports, 3 x audio jacks, 1 x VGA port, 1 x DVI-D port and 1 x HDMI™ port.

Boards internal connectors: 1 x 24-pin ATX main power connector, 1 x 8-pin ATX 12V power connector, 6 x SATA 6Gb/s connectors (2 ports reserved for SATA Express port), 1 x SATAe connector, 2 x USB 2.0 connectors (support additional 4 USB 2.0 ports), 1 x USB 3.1 Gen1 connector (supports additional 2 USB 3.1 Gen1 ports), 2 x 4-pin CPU fan connectors, 3 x 4-pin system fan connectors, 1 x Front panel audio connector, 2 x Front panel connectors, 1 x TPM module connector, 1 x Chassis Intrusion connector, 1 x Serial port connector, 1 x Parallel port connector and 1 x Clear CMOS jumper.

For more detailed information about this motherboard check manufacturers page.

You can also use in this build motherboards with other chipsets like H110 (cheaper with less features) or Z170 (more expensive with more features like expansion slots). Before change the motherboard, check compatibility with other PC parts.


8 gb ram 2 x 4 gb for 700 dollar pc red


G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 8 GB (2 X 4 GB) 288-Pin DDR4 2400 MHZ  is great choice. 8 GB will be enough. You can add other RAM modules later, If you want, because of two free RAM slots. You can also get one 8GB module if you want or go with 16 GB. If you not do any specific tasks, then you not need more than 16 GB RAM.

Power supply

power supply for gaming pc evga 600b


600 W will be great and will handle some additional parts like extra SSD’s, HDD’s or RAM modules, if you decide add them on future. It has 80+ BRONZE standard and it operates very efficiently and silently. It will have all power connectors needed with this $700 Gaming PC Build. If you not plan to upgrade your processor or get additional graphic card, then you can get $500 PSU, but for safety reasons not go any lower than that. Better use popular brands like EVGA, Corsair or Chieftec.


1 tb western digital blue hdd for gaming computer


1 TB is the best choice for the money. Any other manufacturers, like example Seagate or Samsung drives will be fine.

If fast computer is your preference I recommend to get an SSD. With SSD computer feels smoother, because all programs loads faster. But that exceeds this budget. For price of standard 1 TB hard disk drive you can only get a 120 GB SSD. If you want an SSD for this build I recommend get 250 GB SSD (adds 70-80 dollars for the price) for operating system and bigger capacity HDD for storage (games, pictures, etc).


700 dollar budget pc build case


In this budget you can find really good cases for 50-60 dollars. If you prefer aesthetics, you can find other cases you like, but if better case looks then often it is more expensive. If you go on budget and you care only about maximum performance for the money, then you can get even cheaper cases. But take it to account that cheaper cases can be not so precisely made. They can come with sharp edges, screw holes can be not in the right places and you will be hard time to mount the parts in. They can also be with bad air flow and system can run hotter than if used with case with a good air circulation. You can get some extra fans if you want, but make sure they fits in the case you chosen.


This can be great build around this budget. You can enjoy all current games with no problem. Of course, you can change something if needed or can’t find exact same parts. If you have a budget, you can get additional SSD or HDD drives, if you want. You may need DVD drive. It’s not included, but you can get it for ~$20 or even less. You can also check other builds like “Best $600 Gaming PC Build 2017 – With AMD Processor” or Mini ITX Gaming PC Build for $600 – $650 in 2017. If you need to get other things like monitor and windows in this $700 budget, then you can check other cheaper builds and sacrifice the performance.

*Prices can be different in time you read this.


*HIGH settings is not very high, ultra or all maxed out, but still really great. Very high, ultra or all maxed out settings is meant for enthusiasts who spends really much money for gaming PC.

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