Best Gaming PC builds Under $500

Best $500 Gaming PC Build 2017 – With Intel Processor

Great budget $500 Gaming PC Build with newest generation parts. This budget gaming PC will play most of 2016-2017 games with 1080p resolution at medium settings without problem. It uses newest generations processor, graphics card and RAM. This PC will be great for newbie or casual gamer. It can also handle other tasks like online browsing very well.

Graphics card

gpu gtx 1050 ti for $500 Gaming PC Build


ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1050Ti Mini 4Gb will be really great choice. It handle most of modern titles with adjusted medium-high settings 1080p or lower with no problem.

There also you can go with Radeon RX470 4GB, if you can find a rebate. Radeon RX470 4GB is around ~20-25% faster than GTX 1050Ti but also $30-$40 more expensive. It is most powerful card you need to pair with this processor. Some games may be a little bit bottlenecked by G4560, but it’s no a big deal. If you find a good price get it. For cheaper alternatives I can add GTX 1050 (without TI) or RADEON RX460. They are cheaper, but with lower performances. Previous generation cards like GTX 950 or GTX 1060 also can be good, if you spot a great deal.


500 dollar Gaming PC Build procseeor pentium g4560


Intel Pentium G4560 processor has one of the best price to performance ratios. It’s from new 7th generation Kaby Lake Intel processors. It performs well with modern games and it’s a good deal. It is Pentium, but this has Hyper Threading Technology. Because of  that, it is better in modern games like previous Skylake generation Pentium processors. Pentium G4560 is good choice for $500 Gaming PC Build. Its almost the same performance as Skylike generations Core I3 6100.

If you can’t get Pentium G4560 or choose Radeon RX470 GPU, you can consider to get Intel Core i3-6100 processor. It is a little bit faster than G4560 but can be more expensive. It should work with the same motherboard. G4600 or G4620 can be great and little bit faster alternatives to this CPU.


$500 Gaming PC Build motherboard msi b250m pro-vd


MSI B250M PRO-VD will be fine with this $500 Gaming PC build. This is great current generation motherboard with all basic features you need to a budget build.

MSI B250M PRO-VD supports newest generations Intel Kaby Lake and some of previous generation Skylike processors and newest generations 2400/2133MHz DDR4 RAM maximum of 32 GB. It has even USB 3.1 ports. Motherboard comes in Micro-ATX form factor and can be used in relatively compact cases. Motherboard has one PCI-Express 3.0 X16 slot for your graphics card and two  PCIe 3.0 X1 slots for expansion cards like wifi. Sound will be provided by Realtek® ALC887 Codec.

MSI B250M PRO-VD has onboard graphics. It can be great solution, if can’t afford this PC at the moment. You can use onboard graphics card until you can afford GeForce GTX 1050Ti or similar. Even with a onboard graphics you can play some older games, and it’s enough for web browsing.

If you can’t get Pentium G4560, then you can get similar processor. Check on motherboard manufacturers page for compatibility. If you can’t get this board, you can choose other B250 or H210 chipset motheboard. Other manufacturers boards can be good too. Before that check for compatibility especially for Processor and RAM. Other boards can be bigger and not fit in the case. Check form factors for board and case.

If you want to save some money then you can choose a b150 chipset board, but this is older and it may need to update BIOS to get G4560 to work. It can be a little tricky. To do it you need to borrow a Skylike processor. Better don’t do it if you are a first time builder, or you have no IT guy in circle of your friends, who can help for free.


8 gb ddr 4 ram kingston fury hyperx


This is newest DDR4 RAM. You really need only 8 GB RAM for this build, because most of today’s games not require more. I recommend 8 GB also with more expensive builds. Frequency is not so important. Most essential is RAM capacity. It’s possible to play today’s games with 800 MHZ RAM with older processors that is powerful enough without problems. This board supports two 2400/2133MHz DDR4 RAM modules up to 32GB total (16GB each). 8GB will be enough for  500 dollar gaming PC build.

Power supply

psu 430w ewga 80+ bronze for $500 Gaming PC Build


EVGA 430W is great choice for this build. This can handle couple additional HDD’s or SSD’s, if you need. You can also go with more powerful PSU, if you plan to upgrade your system in future. But please not go below 400 W or cheap unknown manufacturers. Cheap PSU can be bad and not handle your needs or in worse case scenario burn down your system.



It’s best choice for the money – 1 TB. It will be a plenty of space. If you want to computer be faster, then get additional SSD, but it will be more expensive. You can also go with 2 or 3 TB if space is your preference. Smaller disks (320-500 GB) are only a little bit cheaper. 1 TB I think is the best value for the money for budget build. Of cousre 2TB costs only around $20 more and will be better price per capacity. You can also get other manufacturer HDD like Western Digital or Samsung.

For really fast computer, you need to add an SSD for operating system. For budget build 120 – 250GB SSD will be great. 120 GB SSD will cost +-40-60 dollars, 200-250 GB SSD can cost around 70-100$. You can go with SSD only, but then you  will not remain much space for games. Today’s modern games can use 30GB-60GB of space. After couple of games installed, your SSD will be full. SSD’s can be found even with 4 TB capacity, but they are really expensive and can cost up to 4 times more than this whole build.


case for cheap Gaming PC Build


This Zalman ATX Mid Tower PC Case Z1 Neo looks great. Also you not need the biggest case to fit all parts in. If you doesn’t like this case, you can get another one, but make sure it can fit all parts in. If you go on budget, you can get cheaper case, but be careful with sharp edges. Cases can be found even at $20. You can also use old case, if you have one. You not need an expensive case to build  $500 Gaming computer.


It can be great gaming PC build for budget. It will run all modern games at medium settings up to 1080p with no problem. You can also check other budget gaming PC builds under 500. Prices are changing every day. Because of that price can differ +-$50, in some countries even more.


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