HardwareRIG.com is a site about personal computers, games, problems with them and similar stuff.

This page cover topics about: PC, PC GAMING, Laptops, monitors, hardware, software, problem fixing, technology news, internet, working with computers, PC builds, gaming rig builds and more…

Page is created, managed and maintained by computer technician who love to help people fix their problems with personal computers and laptops. He also love PC GAMES. He fixes computers since 2005 and play computer games since 1998. Fixing computers and gaming are two of his favorite hobbies.  He learns all the time and finds new problem fixes, best PC hardware and accessories.

He love games series like: Grand Theft Auto, Call Of Duty, Crysis, Assassin’s Creed, Tomb Raider, Doom, Need For Speed, Wolfenstein, Stronghold,  Cities Skylines, Splinter Cell, Sniper: Ghost Warrior, Mafia, Hitman, Medal of Honor, Sleeping Dogs etc.

Page is started in late 2016. General idea about this page is to help people fix problems with their computers fast. We believe most of the problems with PC people can fix themselves. And often only fast google search is needed to get information and fix computer problem in minutes. We also have topics about finding best PC hardware and accessories. We express our opinion about things that matter for computer users.

We hope you find the best solution whether is a computer fix, new purchase or simple answer to a wondering problem!!!

Best PC hardware for you needs, best Gaming PC builds, Gaming PC parts to get your tasks done fast, PC fixing and building tips, Best graphics cards for gaming, Gaming processors and motherboards, routers mouses and keyboards, gaming controllers Coolest gaming accessories and more...

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